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Whether you're searching for a nature adventure, an exercise workout, sight-seeing fun, fishing, swimming, picnicing or just a relaxing day away from the hussle of every day life- you're always welcome on the Little Miami River!

Be prepared to relax, enjoy and open your eyes to a beautiful day on the river at Little Miami Canoe Rental.

We look forward to serving you and your family in the near future!

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Payment Options: Cash, Visa, MC or Discover

Proud Supporter of Advocates 4 Animals Rescue

Little Miami Canoe Rental is a proud supporter of Advocates 4 Animals Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc.- a 501c-3 non-profit, all-volunteer organization ( We support A4A Rescue's mission to rescue, rehabilitate and adopt pets that were once slated for death in local high-volume shelters.

Flowing through the glacial hills of southwestern Ohio, there runs a beautiful and lucky little river. Lucky because it's narrow valleys and early spring floods have kept at bay those encrochments of man which have destroyed the natural values of so many streams like the Little Miami. Lucky because in the 1970's the river became included in the Federal Scenic Rivers Program, being one of only 19 rivers in the country to be so designated. Lucky because now there is a forever dedication to keep its corridors green and its waters clean!

For the moment, away from swarming highways, crowded shopping centers and hurried businesses, you're invited by nature to canoe down this beautiful river, with a peaceful timetable of its own.

The Little Miami is a National and State Scenic River, therefore litter and local alcohol laws are enforced. It is NOT recommended that alcohol be taken on the river. Do not leave litter in or along the river. Bring snacks and beverages in a hard plastic cooler (NOT STYROFOAM). Carry all trash in a cooler and at the end of your trip, return trash for recycling.

Much of the property along the river is privately owned- please respect landowner property rights.
Also, the Little Miami River is a popular fishing stream. Please respect the rights of those who are fishing. (Please note, Little Miami Canoe Rental does NOT sell fishing licenses).

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